Netflix raises prices for new subscribers (Up by a whopping $1)

Last month, Netflix had announced that it will be raising prices and now it has begun to raise subscription prices for new subscribers.

Prices are up by a whopping $1 for customers in the US and similarly the prices have gone up by £1 and €1 for customers in the UK and Europe respectively. However, current subscribers can continue to pay the original prices for up to two years.

The reason for the subtle price hike probably is because Netflix has learnt lessons from it’s earlier decision to unbundle DVD and Video Streaming, leading to customers having to pay significantly more. This decision has caused widespread hate for Netflix and evidently it has learnt something from this.

So if you didn’t become a subscriber before, you now have to shell out $8.99 (As opposed to the $7.99 you had to pay earlier).

If you don’t want to pay extra (Seriously?) , don’t worry Netflux has you covered: There is a standard-definition plan for $7.99 which, well only allows you to watch in DVD quality and only one video may be played at a time, as opposed to the two video threshold with the $8.99 plan.


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