Apple hires the man behind Pureview’s innovative camera technology, Ari Partren

Apple has poached Ari Partinen from Nokia, who was the Lumia Photography Lead at Nokia and also was part of the team which had developed the Nokia Pureview’s innovative camera technologies.

The Nokia Pureview featured a mammoth 41MP camera sensor, but that alone didn’t make the Pureview so great and unique: It was the use of a feature called oversampling which basically used all the data from the 41MP picture to form a superdetailed picture of lower resolution, such as 8MP, resulting in a picture which has a LOT of detail and the ability to zoom in without any visual deterioration of quality.

Ari Partinen revealed in a Tweet that he was jumping ship from the aging former-giant to the current king. While it is not yet known what he will do at Apple, but one doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to make a guess: He probably will work on improving the iPhone’s camera, which already is pretty damn good.

Ari Partinen has been with Nokia for seven years.  He had joined Nokia in 2007, which coincidentially (Or Not?) also was the year the iPhone launched.

Partinen will start working at Apple from June, The news comes at a time when the dust left behind by Nokia officially joining Microsoft still hasn’t settled.




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