Parrot introduces the BePop, a drone that can be controlled by the Oculus Rift


Parrot has unveiled the BePop, it’s most badass drone yet. What’s so special about it?  It can be controlled by an Oculus Rift. Seriously. You can control the drone through the Virtual Reality Headset.


Meaning you could sit in some room wearing the Oculus Rift and control a drone which could spy and potentially damage someone or something. Cool…. And also kind of terrifying. This made spying and also drone flying a lot more easier and…fun.

Even if don’t count that awesome feature, the BePop is packed with top-notch hardware. It has got a 14MP camera with HD (High Definition) video and Image Stabilization and GPS tracking.

The icing on the cake? You can view video in Real Time from that 14MP Fisheye Lens camera on your iOS/Android Phone or Tablet.

You may control the drone from Parrot’s app named FreeFlight, which will enable your iOS or Android device to control the drone to upto a range of around 300 Metres through WiFi.

You may buy an optional Skycontroller which can be used to precisely control the drone’s movements from upto 2KM away. The Skycontroller may plug into your Oculus Rift through HDMI to view the world from the drone’s perspective.

But here’s something to down your excitement: It’s battery life is extremely poor. And we mean Poor: This thing can only last for 12 minutes. A real mood downer, right?

It will release later on in  2014. Price hasn’t been announced, but expect it to be under $1000 as that’s around the range for Parrot’s drones.




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