Report: Apple to introduce split-screen multitasking for the iPad in iOS 8

Over the last two months we have seen plenty of iOS 8 rumors and all came from industry trusted source: 9to5Mac, which has a solid track record for reporting rumors that are actually true.

9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman thinks that Apple will introduce split-screen multitasking in iOS 8, which would be one huge and welcome addition. You see, the iPad’s 9.7 inches of goodness is never properly utilized by only one app running: You could make full use of the screen by running two apps side by side, which sadly, Apple does not support.

Users have been clamouring for this feature for years, a feature that is also present in rival Microsoft’s Surface tablets and is called Snap.

Apple will finally introduce the feature with iOS 8 and according to 9to5Mac it will first only be available to the larger iPad and then, if well received, it will move forward to the iPad Mini (What will you do with split-screen multitasking on a small screen?!).

It just won’t be plain split-screen multitasking: It will also offer some interesting stuff such as communication between the apps running side by side, kinda like the Desktop version of Windows. For eg, you may drag something from another app and with a single swipe put it into the other app.

The latest rumor joins the previous list of iOS 8 rumors which include: Much Better Maps, Forking of iTunes Radio into a separate app, an innovative health app called Healthbook and more.

Sources: 9to5Mac

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