Report: Samsung to launch Google Glass Rival in September


Google Glass has amassed massive popularity, even before it is released to the world. Wearables are gaining heat.

Samsung has decided that it wants a piece of the “Wearable Pie”, a report by Business Korea says. The company has already dabbled in the world of smartwatches with it’s Galaxy Gear series and now it looks to be wanting to explore Glass-esque head-mounted wearables.

The so called “Gear Glasses”, which we sincerely hope isn’t it’s official name, else Samsung will find Google lawyers knocking at it’s door.

Samsung had already filed a patent for a Head Mounted Wearable device in 2013, but patents themselves aren’t reliable sources for what a company is developing. A company may patent a product for futureproofing, so that no one can develop the same kind of device, which the company may or may not develop.

A Samsung Electronics Gear Glass mockup drawing.

It will basically consist of a display on the right eye, similar to Glass and an earpiece on the right ear, which is different from Glass in that Glass uses bone-conduction tech to give you the sensation of sound.

It will be powered by Samsung’s own Tizen OS, which we have already seen appearing in Samsung’s latest batch of wearables: The Galaxy Gear 2 and the Galaxy Gear  Neo.

Companies such as Apple and Microsoft also have patents and are working on a Head Mounted Wearable device similar to Google Glass. Only time will tell who will beat the others to the punch.

Samsung is reportedly getting ready for unveiling the device at IFA, in September.

 Sources: Business Korea



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