Flappy Bird Creator, Don Nguyen, teases new game, with all new multiplayer support

Flappy Bird was an internet sensation and also a cause for frustration. While the sound of the bird hitting the ground was kind of amusing, the game was maddeningly difficult with people known to throw their devices playing the game.

It also was dangerously addictive and was the cause of anxiousness, frustration and addicted-ness of many a gamer. Users took to Twitter to rant about the game and then finally it happened.

Don Nguyen, the game’s creator decided to remove the game from both app stores for two reasons:
He thought that it was too addictive and frustrating and was destroying people’s life.

He didn’t appreciate the fame and money he got from Flappy BIrd: He wanted to live simple. FInally, he gave up and removed the game from both app stores due to which he made enemies and also consequentially also spurred the flooding of the App Stores with numerous Flappy BIrd Clones.

Don had announced earlier that another Flappy Bird game was in the works and its main aim was to be less addictive.

Don has followed up on his promise and has revealed to CNBC that the release date of the new and improved Flappy Bird is in August.

While it was expected to be less addictive, like Don had said earlier, there has been one crucial addition: Multiplayer Support. Yeah, Multiplayer Flappy Bird.

Don is also developing other games, one of which he teased in  a screenshot on Twiter.

It isn’t yet clear how much the gameplay of Flappy Bird will differ.  All we can do is wait.



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