Microsoft slashes off $100 from the Xbox One’s price by unbundling Kinect

Microsoft's Xbox One. S

Microsoft’s Xbox One, has been struggling in sales while it’s competitor, the PS4 surged ahead. While it was pretty impressive and featured some interesting concepts, the Xbox One’s sales were tarnished in part due to the conspiratorial nature of the Xbox One. You see, in the early stages of the Xbox One’s unveiling, the Xbox One was drawn into a series of controversial steps by Microsoft, which, even after being redacted, forever tarnished the Xbox One’s image.

However, a bigger factor for the Xbox One’s failure to overcome the PS4 is the price barrier. Already the new consoles are pricey, but the Xbox One is more so. It is a whopping $100 more than the PS4, due to the inclusion of Kinect. But people don’t care, do they? They could buy a completely functional (And in some instances, better) console instead of a console that is priced $100 higher.

Microsoft has therefore slashed off $100 from the Xbox One’s asking price, thus putting the Xbox One on the same level as the PS4. But (There is always a but), as a result, the Kinect is getting the boot. No, it is not going away entirely, it is still separately available, should you feel like buying it at a later date. So is the previous $499 bundle. Just think of the price cut as an entirely new, bare-bones bundle with just the Xbox One. It is in no way lacking functionality compared to earlier (Except the absence of the Kinect, Of course).

The unbundling of the Kinect indicates that Microsoft’s stance on the subject is currently the stark opposite of what it was at E3 2013, where it had proclaimed that the Kinect and the Xbox One will go hand in hand and had even announced a feature which meant that the Xbox One won’t work without Kinect (Which was redacted, obviously); But now, it has taken the Kinect out of the equation itself, showcasing how desperate Microsoft is.

The price cute will apply from June, meaning you will be able to buy a Xbox One for $399. Also, now you won’t be requiring a Xbox Live Gold Membership for accessing services such as Hulu Plus, HBO Go and Netflix.

Sources: Microsoft



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