Google Glass finally gets a (Better) keyboard!


Till now, entering text into Google Glass was an extremely clunky process. Sure, you could use voice recognition, but Voice Recognition isn’t always accurate and also can’t identify stuff such as names. Also, Voice Recognition has a hard time understanding certain accents. With Google Glass entering an open-beta phase, getting closer to it’s final launch, Google has got some wrinkles to work out.

Thankfully, Minuum, a company that has apps that can provide you fully capable keyboard that occupy only a bit of your precious screen space, has unveiled it’s keyboard, for Google Glass. Minuum says it has been working on the keyboard for Google Glass for several months now, and although it isn’t yet public, it is close to completion.

The keyboard, has a innovative way of entering text into Glass. You could either tilt your head slightly to reach the desired letter and tap on the touchpad to use it or swipe across the touchpad itself to choose the desired letter. Also, instead of just nodding out the entire word, you can depend on Minuum’s surprisingly accurate Predictive Algorithms to complete your word. Sure, it will take a bit of time to get used to; Sure it will be a little silly; But, hey, at least it is better than Voice Recognition!



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