Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime leaks in pictures


A plastic body in a high-end phone just doesn’t seem to cut it. Everyone knows that. When Samsung had announced the Galaxy S5, there were groans of disappointment all around for having the same old plastic design.

Samsung had fired its Design Chief when reviewers mocked the Galaxy S5 for its plastic design which just didn’t fit in with its ‘Flagship’ status. When the S2 and the S3 had released, it didn’t matter because all phones (Except the iPhone) then were made of plastic. But around the time of the S4, phone manufacturers started exploring other materials with HTC leading the revolution with it’ s HTC One. All manufacturers attained a unique, attractive design language of their own, while Samsung seemed to be frozen in a pre-2013 predominantly plastic design.

After the disappointing launch of the S5, rumors started forming about a separate, alternate version of the Galaxy S5, which would differentiate from the original Galaxy S5 purely on Design. Then there were the other rumors which claimed that the S5 Prime would have a QHD screen, 3GB RAM and the Snapdragon 805 processor, which is a lot faster (Although it really doesn’t matter) than the Snapdragon 801 processor in the original Galaxy S5.

It was supposed to have a Metal design and was rumored to be called the “Galaxy S5 Prime”, indicating it to be a premium version of the S5.

Phone Arena has leaked pictures of what is supposedly the Galaxy S5 Prime. It does look to be of a higher caliber, of a higher class than the Galaxy S5.


It looks more luxurious, more professional than the S5. The back has a dimpled texture (As you can see) like on some of Samsung’s recent phones. We suspect that it is faux-leather, which is more grippy and less temperature controlled (Hot when hot and cold when cold) than Aluminium which makes it a wise choice for Samsung.

However. like all rumors , this should be taken with a pinch of salt. We can only wait till Samsung’s official announcement (Which is rumored to happen in June) to confirm the existence of such a phone.

However, if such a phone does exist, it is the beginning of a new path for Samsung. It’s two phone model (One Plastic, One Premium) closely resembles that of Apple, which too has two phones (The 5s and the 5c) of different materials.



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