Report: Google is close to acquiring Twitch for a massive $1B

Twitch to live stream game content

Twitch is a Live Video Streaming service which allows you to stream your gameplay, livestream videos,  among other things. It recently gained widespread recognitiion due to it providing the basic infrastructure for hosting the biggest multiplayer game of all time, where hundreds of thousands of people around the world logged into their computers to play one singly massive game of Pokemon in an utter anarchy.

Twitch sees more than 45 million users each month of which about 1 million of them are video-uploaders, which is a far-cry behind the more than 1 billion users accessing YouTube, but where YouTube is behind Twitch is Livestreaming traffic: YouTube Live is behind Twitch, which accounts for upto 44% of all livestreaming traffic in the US.

YouTube is primarily a video-sharing service and live streaming isn’t one of it’s strengths. Sure, it does offer Livestreaming, but it is a bit lacking. So it is only natural for YouTube to look towards improving it’s Livestreaming infrastructure.

Which is probably why. as the Wall Street Journal and Variety report that Google is close to acquiring Twitch for a deal worth more than 1 billion dollars, which though seems like a small amount compared to say, Facebook’s $19bn dollar acquisition of Whatsapp, it is a lot of money exchanging hands.

Details are scarce, but we think that Google acquiring Twitch seems to be the right way forward.

Sources: VarietyWall Street Journal



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