The NSA is spying on ALL calls in the Bahamas

Featured photo - Data Pirates of the Caribbean: The NSA Is Recording Every Cell Phone Call in the Bahamas

Recently, NSA documents leaked by Edward Snowden had revealed the ghastly truth that the NSA had the necessary technology to spy and store an entire country’s phone calls for upto 30 minutes. But then, it hadn’t exactly been known which countries the NSA had targeted. This program was called SOMALGET and was more advanced than the MYSTIC program which merely stored stuff such as metadata.

New documents reveal that the NSA was spying on all calls in the Bahamas meaning that the NSA was perched upon all ingoing and outgoing lines using this technology. Bahamas won’t the only country that was spied upon: There is another country, which The Intercept, the one who had first published the report refuses to disclose due to fear of violent backlash.

We would once again like to remind that the spying wasn’t targeted. All calls were intercepted and stored (Including the content, not only the metadata)

It seems spying was done to crack down upon “international narcotics traffickers and special-interest alien smugglers,”.

Also, it has been revealed that the MYSTIC program was also used to target the Philippines. Mexico and Kenya.

So, anyone and everyone who lives there has their calls monitored by the NSA.  Though it isn’t realistically possible to listen to every phone call in a country, your privacy is still at risk.

Sources: The Intercept




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