“OK Google” Voice Search makes it to the stable build of Chrome


The Google Searchbox has for long offered a little Microphone icon, so that you may speak out whatever you seek, which made it a lot more convenient than typing.

On the Google Search app for phones, you can just say “OK Google” and get on with your search, but in the Desktop version of Google, you have to manually click on the microphone icon to get it to start listening to you, unlike the hands free voice recognition on the Google app.

The Beta Build of Chrome had got this “OK Google” voice search earlier. Google has worked on it and ironed out the bugs, it seems, as the “OK Google” feature has made it to the stable, consumer version of Chrome.

The feature is now also available in ChromeOS, which is the search giant’s OS revolving around the Chrome Web Browser (As the name might suggest)

Chrome only listens when you open a new tab or are on the Google homepage. All you have to do is say “OK Google” (Creepy?) and then spit out your query.

You don’t only have to do searches. Youmay do Google Now-esque tasks such as setting reminders, starting the timer, etc,

The new feature is bundled in an update, which is available to everyone. So why wait, go download it and enjoy your moment of Awe and Convenience.

Sources:  Google (Google Plus), Google 



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