Report: Samsung is making it’s own VR Headset for it’s Smartphones and Tablets

Last week, there was a rumor of Samsung developing a Google Glass competitor. This week, it seems Samsung wants to challenge the likes of Oculus and Sony, in the field of Virtual Reality (VR).

Engadget reports the possibility of the ongoing development of the Samsung VR Headset for smartphones and tablets.

First off, the whole setup will be wired, since you can’t afford lag in a VR setup.  It makes the already nauseous-feeling VR even more vomiting inducing. So don’t think of running around like a frigging cuckoo while playing your game.

It will have an OLED screen of unspecified resolution (Only saying it will be as good or better than the 1080p screen of the Oculus Rift)

It’s intended purpose is to play games, Android games. The Kind hasn’t been mentioned. We do expect a fully VR Flappy Bird where the bird shits on you from above (We are kidding, of course). Samsung has already approached developers, it seems and some even have got their hands on one. While now, it is powered by high-end devices such as the Note 3 and the S5, the finished headset, in all it’s glory will require power not found in today’s phones, meaning that it will be powered by whatever Samsung has in store for us next.

It will try to have a lower price than its competitors, the Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus.

Samsung unveiling a VR Headset will push the smartphone giant way above the competition. The lure of VR will add a new drawing point to its devices, making them fly off the shelves even faster.  Also, Samsung entering the VR game indicates the ongoing maturing of the field, which is massively different from the Nintendo Debacle filled thing  it was in its nascent stage. The field is gaining heat fast and it will be wise for Samsung to enter the market at an early stage.

Sources: Engadget



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