HTC One’s more Premium Version, the HTC One Prime Leaks


When it comes to Andtroid smartphones (And smartphones in general), the HTC One is undoubtedly a premium phone.

It’s classic Aluminium Design never gets old and currently, it has the best design among Android phones and also gets to the top in all smartphones, sharing the coveted place with the iPhone.

While competitors such as Samsung put phones into ugly plastic packages and send them off to the market, HTC meticulously pays attention to the design, steadily refining it till it is a work of art. Something to behold. Something to admire. Not some cheap plastic crap.

Rumors have been swirling lately about Samsung making a premium version of it’s flagship, the Galaxy S5 in the works, to be named the Galaxy S5 Prime. While it makes sense for a plastic phone to get a premium model, what would be the premium version of a premium phone?

HTC One Prime, the premium version of the Premium HTC One M8 has leaked in pictures by, you guessed it, Evleaks: One of the industry’s leading leakers.

On the outside it looks pretty much the same, but when you look closer, the details pop out. The phone is larger and it’s camera is bigger too, now jutting out a bit for the fram (We wonder what that could do to the overall durability).

The back has orange splashed in here and there, which takes away a bit of premium from the seamless metal of the HTC One M8.

Underneath is what matters and HTC seems to be giving it quite an upgrade. If the rumors are accurate, it will have a larger 5.5 inch Quad HD (2560*1440 pixel) screen, which we doubt would be any better than the One M8, even with the larger size. RAM would be 3GB, which is really pushing it now, as there aren’t any applications or games for that matter that even come close to using such amounts. However, it futureproofs the device, which is a good thing.

The processor would be a beefy Snapdragon 805, but we doubt you would notice the extra speed unless you are a heavy user.

Now all we have to do is wait for HTC’s official announcement to confirm the rumors which is on…We don’t know. We don’t know when such a phone will be revealed. We don’t know how much it will cost. We essentially don’t know much more at all.

Sources: EvleaksS@EVLEAKS



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