Facebook making Snapchat competitor


Facebook has a deep, deep obsession with Snapchat. It has tried unsuccessfully to buy Snapchat several times and then finally released an app which offered disappearing messages, just like Snapchat in 2012. It was named Poke.

But Facebook was late to the party, Poke never really pulled users away from Snapchat. Facebook finally shut down Poke recently.

But now, it seems Facebook is ready to challenge Snapchat again, this time with an app named Slingshot, according to a report by The Financial Times.

It will offer a no-nonsense UI and will be extremely easy to use, with its main objective being to let the user go from start to chat in as less of a time as possible.

It basically allows users to send each other short video messages, the sort that was added in Snapchat’s latest update.

They will be self destructing of course and you will also have the option of sending self-destructing pictures.

You may ask, what is Facebook doing? As you probably know, Facebook right now isn’t that cool, hip thing that it was before. Now everybody and their grandmother is on Facebook making it a social behemoth littered with cat and baby pictures. The younger generation, the pivotal point in the success of any service has already hopped on to other services such as Instagram, Whatsapp and Snapchat.

Facebook, determined to not be lost in the depths of time like MySpace, has gone on a buying spree and has acquired two of its prime competitors: Instagram and Whatsapp. The third, Snapchat relentlessly turns down offers from Facebook, no matter how lucrative they may be.

The only option left for Facebook is to take matter into its own hands and release its own Snapchat competitor, which it seems to be doing according to the report.

Will it catch on? Or will it fail, just like Poke? Those are the big questions.


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