Report: Google developing a Project Tango Tablet that can map it’s surroundings using an array of sensors and cameras

The Original Project Tango Prototype

Early on this year, Google had unleashed upon the world an interesting concept, named Project Tango. It basically is the concept of a device that leveraging the use of various sensors and cameras, is physically aware of it’s surroundings.

Like Project Ara, the project is from Motorola’s Advanced Technology and Products Group, which the search giant has access to despite the acquisition of Motorola by Lenovo.

It generates and plots it’s position on a 3-Dimensional scale, making it position aware. There are a lot of uses for this new technology, such as helping the blind navigate, among others.

Project Tango is revolutionary. For the first time, a device can be aware of it’s surroundings in real-time, meaning it adjusts itself with changes around it.

While sensors such as Gyroscopes and Accelerometers have existed in devices long before Project Tango, never have they been used in tandem other sensors and cameras, to make the device sense itself; sense it’s position in a 3D space.

iFixit had performed one of it’s standard teardowns and had found out what was inside Project Tango.

Till now, Google had realized Project Tango’s vision, which is to be aware of it’s surroundings, only in the form of a phone.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google may be developing a Project Tango Tablet, which too, like it’s smaller cousin would be aware of it’s surroundings; Aware of it’s position on the 3D scale.

It would have a 7 inch screen. Using  various sensors including Infrared ones, along with “advanced software”, the Project Tango tablet will gain a perception of it’s surroundings and will be able to create a real-time 3D Map with respect to it’s position.

The company is planning for shipping out as much as 400 Developer Units starting from June.



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