Report: Samsung is making an independent smartwatch which doesn’t require a phone

For many, Smartwatches are a complex proposition: All they do, basically, is to show whatever is on your smartphone on a smaller screen, in a less comfortable way when already you can view the thing on the big screen on the device right there in your pocket.

Yes, we agree, for someone who gets a LOT of notifications, a smartwatch definitely is a worthwhile product, but for the rest (who are more in number), smartwatches aren’t very useful.

This is because smartwatches depend on your phone for everything, like a parasite. Forgot your phone? Dang, you got a dumb watch.

The solution proposed is a smartwatch that is independent from the phone: It is a device that works by itself, without the need for it’s bigger brother.

Such independent smartwatches have started appearing but they are still a nascent market.

The Washington Street Journal reports that Samsung is developing a smartwatch, which works independently from your phone. It would run Tizen, an Operating System backed by Samsung. Tizen is the same OS as the one found on the Galaxy Gear 2 and the Galaxy Gear Neo.

As we said before, it would be a standalone device and would even include a SIM card slot for you to make calls with it. The Dick Tracy dream has come true! You will be able to do many things you usually do on the phone, such as : Calling, Messages, Email, etc. Like the Galaxy S5, it will also offer a Heart Rate Sensor. A Heart Rate Sensor on a smartwatch does seem to be more useful than a Heart Rate Sensor on a smartphone.

There will also be GPS, Bluetooth and a Camera onboard.

While it will be weird to make calls from your smartwatch, we certainly feel that having a standalone smartwatch is better than having a smartwatch that depends on your phone for anything and everything.

We are still in the dark about other details. We don’t know when it will be unveiled or released.  It is a rumor however, so take this with a pinch of salt. Going by the rumors, it seems like Samsung has a lot of devices in the pipeline, such as a Google Glass competitor, a VR headset, etc.

Sources: The Wall Street Journal


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