Microsoft has demoed a new feature for Skype, which allows you to translate voice. In Real Time.

Translation has enabled us to read and understand content which are written/spoken in languages we don’t understand. Services like Google Translate have enabled easy and fast (though not always accurate) translation.

Microsoft, at Recode’s Code conference, had demoed one really cool feature that is currently under development. Voice Translation for Skype. In real-time. Yes, this means that you can talk to anyone and view whatever they are speaking as subtitles in the language you prefer. It still needs the other person to finish their sentence while translating, but after that it is instant.

Microsoft just has some accuracy kinks to work out and change a thing here and there to make it translate as the other person is speaking, i.e in actual real-time.

It is the culmination of over a decade of research on voice recognition, speech synthesis and machine translation, says Microsoft in a blog post.

It currently supports upto 40 languages and will release as a beta-update for Skype later this year, but the update will be limited to Windows PCs. For now. But no worries, the feature, called “Skype Translator” will make its way to other platforms soon.



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