The MOD-t: A Cheap 3D Printer which can kickstart the 3D Printing Revolution


3D Printing existed even before the turn of the century, but was kept out of public hands due to company patents. Soon, one by one these patents expired and other companies started introducing 3D Printers for the general public.

PRIMER: What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing has seen a lot of activity lately: 3D Printers have gone from big, mean and pricey devices to small and cheap devices. Also, nowadays you can find a bit of a variety in terms of 3D Printers. At the top end, there is the Makerbot Replicator. In the sub-$500 segment, a lot of companies are fighting for your attention.

New Matter, a startup company which is backed by Idealab, has launched a Indiegogo Campaign for what is possibly one of the most ambitious products yet: The MOD-t. It looks super-cool, but that isn’t why it is special. It aims to be a cheap 3D Printer which doesn’t compromise on experience.

It has got a transparent enclosure, meaning you can view your creation/product being made in real-time. If you are wondering how is this printer managing to look so damn good, then here it is: New Matter worked with Frog to refine the design of the product.

Our printer (the MOD-t) uses an ingenious 2-axis motion system that simultaneously moves and supports the build plate with very few components. Translation: It’s breakthrough technology, it prints more consistently, and it makes the printer way cheaper. ” says MOD-t’s Indiegogo page.

This isn’t just about 3D Printers. This is also about the experience. New Matter will launch a highly curated store with high-quality 3D Designs, which users can use to print or share with other users with minimal effort. These designs may be either paid or for free.

It will be go on sale in early 2015 for about $249 (Provided it reaches its Indiegogo goal, which it probably will), which makes it one of the cheapest 3D Printers. However, you can get it for $149 on Indiegogo, where it is running its funding campaign. If you are planning on buying it at that price, do it fast as such projects blow through their target within days, sometimes even hours. It has already raised $305,133 of its $375,000 goal

3D Printing is still faced by a price barrier, with 3D Printers ranging anywhere from $500 and going all the way up to $2000. At these prices, 3D Printers cannot be termed affordable and for them to go mainstream, the prices have to be brought down. Also, 3D Printers still have a learning curve to them: You have to set certain parameters and if it is off by a value, you are left with garbage.

The MOD-t aims to solve both of these problems, by having a cheap price and also by making getting the 3D Designs on your 3D Printers as easy as downloading an app. No need to set the parameters, as all the designs will already be calibrated for New Matter’s 3D Printer. As easy as anything.

3D Printing also serves as a boon for DIY Enthusiasts and goes with the Maker Movement: Now we have a creation tool by which we can “make” the things we need in the dimensions we require. Full Availability. Full Customizability.

Let the 3D Printing revolution begin!




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