Samsung announces New Platform built around Health


Samsung had held an event called ” Voice of the Body” recently. It revolved around health and Samsung laid out it’s vision for the future of health. And no, wearables were not announced. At least not the ones you were expecting.

At the event, Samsung announced the Simband: It is a modular wearable, which is worn on the wrist and by leveraging the use of modular sensors, it is able to collect a wide-range of data from the body, such as Heart Rate, O2 (Oxygen) Levels, Blood Glucose, etc easily. Also, due to its modular nature, the sensors can be swapped out and new ones can be added to suit your needs. Samsung is aiming for the Simband to collect every health metric of the Human Body.

The incredibly small circuitry for Samsung's wearable open platform for digital health, Simband. (Photo: Business Wire)

For those eager for the specs, here’s what is inside the Simband: A dual-core processor clocked at a 28nm 1Ghz (Cortex-A7 architecture) along with Bluetooth and WiFi radios and finally a “shuttle battery”.


That’s not all, though. The Simband will plug into Samsung’s larger cloud-based SAMI (Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions) platform, to which data will be sent for storage and analysis.

This sort of data collection and analysis is much more wider, much more encompassing and much more informative than the current batch of fitness trackers in the market. Ironically, the Simband, which is able to collect a large amount of data about the body is in stark contrast to the Galaxy Gear Fit, another device made by Samsung, notorious for it’s widely off the mark readings.

It isn’t yet ready for Prime Time though. It won’t be appearing in consumer hands any time soon. Samsung still has to iron out some bugs and develop on it further.

For now, this is mainly meant for hospitals, medicine institutions etc, as such indepth data can prove to be helpful for research.

Till then, Samsung is going to make the necessary APIs for interfacing the Simband public later this year, so that developers can leverage the use of the Simband in their apps.

The news comes before Apple’s WWDC, which is starting on 2nd June, where it is rumored that Apple will announce a health platform for iOS 8.

Images from CNET, Business Insider and PC Mag


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