The Oppo N1 Mini has been announced, but it isn’t as ‘Mini’ as you Think

The latest trend in the smartphone industry is that manufacturers release Mini versions of their flagships. While they differ in implementation (Example the Z1S is power packed while at the same time, the One Mini 2 is far behind it’s bigger brother), but they all share one thing: They are small.

The Oppo N1 is known for it being the first phone to run Cyanogenmod  (A popular Android ROM) out of the box and even then manage to get Google-Certified (Which results in stuff like access to Google Play).

Oppo has added the Oppo N1 Mini to its arsenal, but it is not as small as the ‘Mini’ monicker suggests.

Still, it is smaller than the Oppo N1’s mammoth 5.9 inch screen and is much more manageable.

It has a 5 inch display, with an unspecified resolution (If you get news of it, feel free to mention it in the comments). Nowadays, 5 inch phones are all the rage with manufacturers, but you can’t use a 5 inch device with one hand (Unless you have giant hands, but even then it would be a bit of a stretch).

2014-05-30 11_38_47-N1mini 6 月 11 日 official website hot sale - OPPO

The camera, like it’s bigger brother is swiveling and that is an awesome thing. Thankfully, the camera resolution (13 MP) hasn’t been downgraded, so expect to click some pretty great photos (And amazing selfies, cause you know, the back camera can become the front camera, which makes it a lot better than the potatoes found in many phones). It also has got a cool (If gimmicky) ‘Ultra-HD’ mode, which basically clicks multiple shots with the 13MP sensor with the end result being (supposedly) amazingly detailed 24MP shots.

The N1 Mini even offers LTE, which the N1 doesn’t. This means faster speeds, but also faster battery drain. Which brings us to the battery, which at 2140mAh is smaller than the 3160mAh battery of the N1.

2014-05-30 11_39_10-N1mini 6 月 11 日 official website hot sale - OPPO

The processor too hasn’t been specified (Again, if you get wind of it, please comment). Rumor has it that it will pack in a Mediatek Octa-Core MT6592 processor.

It runs Google’s Latest and Greatest (Don’t mind the cliche), i.e Android 4.4 Kitkat. But this isn’t stock: It runs Color OS: The company’s modified version of Android.

It will ship from June 11th, with China only initially.

Details such as Price Processor, Display, etc which haven’t been announced, will be revealed at Oppo’s Event on 10 June. And yes, these specifications are official: We don’t know what game Oppo is playing here, telling us (almost) all of the specifications before the event.


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