Report: Amazon to launch Music-Streaming service for Prime

An Amazon Prime membership gets you many goodies, such as fast and free shipping, among others will also now get you access to Amazon’s Streaming service, which is in the works, according to a report by Buzzfeed.

As Buzzfeed reports, the Amazon Prime Streaming Service will not aspire to build the largest streaming library possible. Instead it will offer only selected albums and songs.  However, don’t expect to see recent hits, as only songs more than six months old will be available for your listening pleasure.

Amazon has signed up two of the three major Labels, with the status of Universal Music Group still not known . The other two, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group have striked a deal with Amazon.

As you can see, Amazon’s streaming library has much lesser content than competing Streaming Services, like Spotify, which tells us that Amazon is not aiming to compete with them at all.

It just wants to add another perk for its Prime customers, making the Prime Package even more valuable and in the process justifying the $20 price hike that the Prime Membership went through (From $79 to $99).

The Streaming Industry may look lucrative for Amazon because currently, it is booming.  More people are looking towards streaming music than downloading it. Digital Music sales have declined, while Streaming Music Subscriber numbers are rising fast.

Amazon’s Streaming service is expected to debut around June-July.


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