ASUS has announced the FonePad 8, a Phone-Tablet hybrid

ASUS Fonepad 8(FE380CG)

ASUS has a penchant for having hybrid devices in its lineup and at this Computex, it didn’t disappoint, with the Transformer V and now the FonePad 8.

The FonePad 8 has an 8 inch Display (Obviously), but what is disappointing is its resolution: Only HD (1280*800), which at 8 inches, makes the content a bit pixellated.

It has an Intel Z3560 64-Bit Quad-Core processor inside, chugging along at 1.8Ghz. ASUS reckons that this processor will absolutely destroy any another processor in terms of raw-power, while maintaining good battery efficiency. Seems too good to be true? Probably is, as companies have been known to over-hype their products, which usually end up being disappointing.

It has front-facing Dual-Speakers, with ASUS’s proprietary SonicMaster Audio Technology (Though whether it actually improves audio quality is not yet known)

It also has a 5MP back camera and a 2MP front camera.

As the FonePad moniker may suggest, it offers Dual-SIM slots with the ability to access 3G networks and make calls.

It runs Android Kitkat, with ASUS’s Zen Overlay.

There is a smaller version of the Fonepad, which except for it’s smaller 7 inch screen has the same specifications.

Both will be available in White, Blue, Red and Gold colors. Price and Availability have not yet been announced.




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