Dell updates it’s Android Tablet Line, with prices starting from $160


We have been pummeled with a barrage of announcements from ASUS, now it’s time for Dell.

Dell has updated it’s Android Tablet Line, i.e the Venue Series. The Venue 7 and the Venue 8 have received their yearly refresh: Let us see what Dell has in store for us.

The Venue 7, as before has a 7 inch display and unfortunately also has the same disappointing 1280*800 resolution, but Dell claims that viewing angles and outdoor visibility have been improved.

The Venue 8, however has been updated with a spanking new 8 inch 1920*1200 resolution display.

The Venue 8 has a faster Intel Z3480 processor than the one in the Venue 7. Other than the display and the processor, both are pretty much the same, with 1GB of RAM,16 GB of Internal Storage, 5MP Camera and Android 4.4. Kitkat. However, the Venue 8 has a 2MP Front Camera, whilst the Venue 7 has a 1MP Camera.

The Venue 7 will cost only $160, while the Venue 8 costs $200. These prices are for the WiFi only model; There is an LTE Model too. Both will be available from July 1. Th


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