Barnes and Noble and Samsung partner up for their upcoming Galaxy Tab 4 Nook Tablets

Barnes and Noble isn’t doing well at all. Despite innovating before its prime competitor, Amazon, it still lags behind (way behind) in sales. Eventually it became too much for B&N to handle, which then announced that it won’t be producing its tablets in the future. Instead it will strike deals with hardware manufacturers to produce its future tablets.

It seems Samsung is the first hardware partner for Barnes and Noble, as they have teamed up to announce the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook (Yeah, Weird).

Other than the partnership, the tablet itself is otherwise ordinary (In some cases, below par). The screen size is 7 inches, with a disappointing resolution of 1280×800 pixels. If you are waiting for other specs, continue waiting, because as of now, no more specs have been detailed. Price too hasn’t been announced.

It doesn’t run Android per se, with B&N’s customized version of Android on board. The underlying software is based on Android 4.4. Kitkat. This is similar to Amazon’s approach: Create an Android fork built around your Store.

“Mr. Huseby noted that the Company will continue to offer its NOOK GlowLight™ and continue to provide customer support for its millions of customers.”

The Tablet will go on sale in the US sometime in August. It will be sold through Barnes and Noble bookstores in the US and also through, which is B&N’s online store.


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