The New Kinect for Windows is available for Pre-Order, with a Price Tag of $199

The power, the capabilities of the Kinect only being used for gaming seems wasteful, which is why when the Kinect was released, the dev community was hard at work making it work on Windows. After sometime, Microsoft officially released Kinect for Windows. Such a sensor enables interesting inputs, resulting in interesting concepts.

The PC is Getting a HUGE Upgrade

As the Xbox One came by, the Kinect too received the update, with hugely improved accuracy and tracking features. The new Kinect could even detect things as subtle as a wrinkle on your shirt. Evidently everyone was excited to see what possibilities this new accuracy will bring and so Microsoft has announced that the Kinect for Windows v2 is now available for pre-order, at a price of $199.

It’s all upto the Developers

Kinect for Windows v2 had already been unveiled earlier and now the device is up for pre-order, so we are excitedly waiting for what the developers will do with it, since without software, the Kinect is just a huge sensor in front of your PC, that does nothing.

The pre-orders will start shipping from July and on July 15th, Microsoft will release the necessary SDK (Software Development Kit) in a public-beta.

The Full-Scale launch will happen afterwards, with no specific date provided.



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