Darfon unveils new Keyboards which are more Durable and also more Thinner than Traditional Keyboards


(Above Image not the Keyboard)

Darfon has unveiled it’s Maglev Keyboard concept, which does away with those rubber cups and instead replaces them with magnets, making the whole setup considerably thinner, paving the way for even thinner laptops.

Take a look at the Keyboard:

Darfon magnetic 'maglev' keyboard

Image: CNET

Sacrificing for Thinness

What we don’t know is how much of the comfort, key travel and general overall “clickiness” will be sacrificed to achieve this thin size. Darfon claims that it’s Maglev Keyboard doesn’t sacrifice much when it comes to comfort and key travel, but that is a claim that is hard to believe. Darfon has said that the Key Pressure can be adjusted electronically, making for a keyboard with just as much pressure as you need.

Thin, but Tough

Darfon reckons that it’s Maglev keyboards are more durable than their scissor-switch based counterparts. Where Scissor-Switch based Keyboards can last for around 10 million keystrokes, the Maglev Keyboard can supposedly manage upto 15 million keystrokes.

According to Darfon, the Maglev Keyboards will start appearing in high-end laptops in the last quarter of 2014 or by the beginning of 2015.




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