Gigabyte announced the Aorus X3, which is Super-Thin, has got an awesome Screen and is overall Badass

Contrary to what was happening just a few years back, nowadays manufacturers are stuffing in high-end components into smaller, thinner and more compact enclosures. Gaming Ultrabooks are all the rage, with manufacturers such as Razer and ASUS being notable in this space.

Gigabyte, which had earlier wowed us with its oh-so-thin Aorus X7 is back at Computex with another thin device: The Aorus X3.

A Thin Beast with an Awesome Screen

The Aorus X3 looks super-cool with its overall thin design and Sharp corners. It has a  13.9 inch 2560*1440 pixel screen, which is more than 1080p, making for increased clarity (The jury is still out on whether that increased clarity is noticeable or not).  There is IGZO  technology for increased color performance.

Packing A Punch

Under the hood, an i7 Haswell Processor purrs (Rather roars) underneath. Paired along with the i7 procesor is an NVIDIA GTX 870M (“M” moniker for Mobile, meaning more battery efficient) GPU, making for some pretty awesome power at a pretty awesome size. You can have upto a maximum of 16GB RAM and a hefty 1TB of fast SSD storage.

There is a Glass Touchpad, Backlit keys and finally a MiniDisplay Port for outputting 4K content.  Also, there are 5 Macro (Configurable) keys on the Left Side of the Keyboard.

A Beefier Brother

There is another variant of the Aorus X3, called the Aorus X3 Plus, which shares most of the specs with the Aorus X3, with the exception of an improved screen. It has a 13.9 inch 3200*1800 pixel screen.

Does it Bring a Difference?

This is the same amount of pixels as on the Razer Blade, another Gaming Ultrabook. While a higher-than-1080p screen brings increased clarity, blah, blah, blah, most Windows applications still aren’t properly optimized for these higher-res screens, making for an incredibly unintuitive interface in some places.

Both weigh 1.83 Kg. The thickness is 22.9mm.

Our Worries Taken Care Of (Supposedly)

We are mainly worried about battery life and heat, due to the limited space in which the components are arranged. And rightly so, since Gigabyte states the battery life as only 3-4 hours, despite the magical power efficiency capabilities of the Haswell processor. We suspect the power-hungry screen has something to do with it.

About the Heat: Gigabyte has outfitted the X3 (And the X3 Plus) with a new efficient cooling system consisting of two heat pipes, fan and vents to push out as much heat as possible.

The Aorus X3 will cost $2099 and the X3 Plus will cost $2199. They will start shipping from Q3 2014 in the US.


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