Mario Maker: Create your Own Mario Courses

We’ll get right to it, Nintendo has done something awesome! You can now create your own Mario courses!

It is going just as the rumors had indicated. Earlier, you had to tinker a lot with the ROMs to create your own Mario tracks, but Nintendo has made the process a lot more easier.

“It has to be something that is uniquely Nintendo.  Where a beginner can easily make something and have a good time,  and simultaneously, someone who is really into Mario can delve into it deeper and make something more complex.. “,  said Takamine.

You can insert objects like coins and springs in your world,  manipulate other objects,  monsters,  etc. You use the Wii U’s Gamepad along with the stylus to manipulate objects.

You can include powerups in your world, including new ones. Eg. A Make Skinny Mushroom. 

Your Worlds can render either in retro-style (8-Bit) or in Super Mario Bros style format.

Mario Maker will be a separate title, and would not be an add-on of an existing game.  It is slated to release in 2015.

More details are not known as of yet.

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