Yoshi’s Wooly World for the Wii U

Remember Yoshi? That adorable character from Super Mario World game? Well, it is getting it’s own game on the Wii U called “Yoshi’s Wooly World”.

“Use materials to create new mechanics, a new kind of Yoshi game filled w/ those kinds of elements”
“Mario games are about performing challenging tasks within a given time limit. But with Yoshi games, there’s no time limit. You’re able to freely explore the vast game world.”

It sounds interesting; NIntendo is playing upon our Nostalgia with this game. It has an interesting premise.

“Elements get unraveled and knitted up, do things like that”
Yoshi is itself Yarn.  The player can eat other Yoshis and spit them out if they want. Yoshi throwns balls of yarn. It seems that when Yoshi spits out a Yoshi, the spitted Yoshi becomes a throwable yarn ball (Adorable, we know).

Nintendo has set 2015 as the release date. We eagerly await it.






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