Xbox One’s July Update will allow you to see your achievements in “Snap Mode” (Finally!)

The Xbox One has been continuously growing in terms of features, due to it receiving updates every month. Microsoft has offered us a sneak-peek of the July update.

Oh, ‘Snap’!

The biggest addition is that your achievements can be viewed in “Snap Mode”, meaning you can glance at your achievements while doing something else, like say, while you are playing the game. You will be able to view the ones you have achieved and the ones yet to achieve, with them being sorted by the amount you have progressed through for unlocking them.

Also, if you double-click the Xbox button, a list of “snappable” apps will open for you to Snap, if you don’t have anything snapped already. And if you have something already in Snap Mode, then double clicking will result in the switching of the Active Mode between the main app and the snapped app.

Not a Native? No problem, we’ve got you covered

Also, irrespective of the country you are in, you can change the voice model of the English and the German Language for the Voice Control to any model you want (For eg. If you are British and live in the US, you have the option to choose English (UK), instead of English (US).

Smartglass gains a few Social features, meaning you can ‘Like’ Game DVR Videos and Activity Feed items.

Last but not the least, the new update will allow for “more flexible combinations of game titles and game content.” for better Game Bundles and Compilation Discs in the future.

When will it hit us?

Yeah, this update is pretty packed and we can’t wait for it to hit our Xbox Ones. A release date hasn’t been announced, but we expect it to hit in the first weeks of July and earlier for those who have opted-in for beta testing.

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