Android update 4.4.3 devours Nexus phones: More bugs than fixes

It is mother of ironies: Since its launch in September 2013, Andriod 4.4 Kitkat has been grappling with problems..

The long awaited Android update (last 2 updates were released last December) was to herald the refurbished dialer app interface & resolve some of the teething issues faced in 4.4.2; Instead it has introduced more bugs especially in Nexus 5 & Nexus 4 smartphones..

The battery drain caused by the camera is a major pain–the mm-qcamera-daemon service at the top gulps a quarter of the battery power in Nexus 4.

Besides the phones suffer from a poor network strength and are having LED notifications for missed calls functioning erratically.

Also the Wi Fi is also hit hard in both Nexus 4 as well as Nexus 5..

The smartphones are also plagued by random reboots (a legacy that continues from 4.4.2)..

There seems to be no pattern in the madness leaving the end customer in the lurch

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is getting the update this month while is predecessor S4 in July as per leaked documents in Android Geeks .


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