Facebook announces Slingshot: A Messaging App with a Difference

After rumors and also an app leak, Facebook has finally announced Slingshot.

Slingshot, like Paper is a product of Facebook’s Creative Labs, a sort of a testing ground for different fields in Facebook.

Unlike what the rumors portrayed it to be, it isn’t just a simple messaging app. That wouldn’t have been enough in this croswded landscape, Facebook needed something to differentiate.

And differentiate it did. In a move that either drives or attracts users towards it, you can only view messages/photos/videos when you reply. That means that unless you reply to your friend with your own photo/video, their content isn’t available to you.

You sign up through your phone number and Slingshot looks through your contacts (And Facebook Contacts too if you want) to see which of your friends are on Slingshot.

You can view the number of locked messages by a Counter on top of the Camera, which is where you land when you open the app. All you have to do is reply with a photo of your own to unlock what your friend is upto. Pretty Tempting. But it can also be irritating to have to send a reply to see your friend’s message every time.

You can send photos and 15 second videos, which delete automatically sometime after viewing. Not only that, but they are deleted of Facebook’s servers too. You ¬†also have the option to auto-save them.

You can also send your photos and videos to all your contacts using a handy send all button. This also unlocks all the other messages your friends may have sent, in one single action.

it weird, but weirdness gets success. Sometimes. It looks to be a nice concept. Facebook went the right way by not creating a Snapchat-Copy. Unlike Snapchat, here you are encouraged to send to more of your friends. And that needing to reply thing is completely fresh and new.

Facebook will release the app on iOS first, then Android.



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