Harley Davidson announces it’s first Electric Bike, Project Livewire


The Auto Industry is turning towards electric, with players such as Tesla leading the charge. Now, even iconic brands like Harley Davidson are recognizing the shift and are reacting to it.

Going Electric

Harley Davidson has announced it’s first electric bike. It still isn’t ready for consumers and is currently in prototype stage. It is named “Project Livewire”. It is primarily targeted towards the younger generation who are “concerened about the environment”.

And these bikes look pretty good, with their Black and Red accents and futuristic design.



It will take around an hour to recharge. At full charge, it can go to upto 130 miles. It can go from 0-60mph in about four seconds and its top speed is 92mph. The engine can produce upto 70hp.

Electric, but with the rumble of a traditional Harley Davidson

While most electric vehicles are silent, Harley Davidson has gone to great lengths to make its electric bikes to give off a roar, as riding a bike otherwise is just not the same.

It won’t be coming near consumer hands for another two years, at least.¬†Harley is taking a bunch of Project Livewire Bikes on a tour around the US and Europe, so that people can check them out and give feedback, so that Harley can improve them.

Iconic Manufacturer trying to adapt to the Future

Harley is doing the right thing by trying to adapt to the changing market. We all know that the future is electric and it is “Change or Die” situation for car and bike manufacturers. These electric bikes, currently look pretty good and the whole effort to make these sound like real bikes is a nice final touch.


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