Microsoft’ saucy Virtual Assistant Cortana is debutting in UK , China & Canada soon

The customers of Windows Phone 8.1 can now expect to lay their hands on this new signature feature of Windows phone 8.1. The intelligent personal assistant helps in setting reminders for daily chores, scheduling meetings, getting GPS directions, getting Voice response for queries, Smart Search and more.

Cortana, the new intelligent voice assistant which is an amalgamation of Google Now and Apple’s Siri and powered by Microsoft Bing made its debut in the Developer preview for Windows Phone 8.1 in April.

It was to be launched in UK & China in the second half of 2014. It was speculated that it will also be targeted for its Windows competing platforms iOS & Android customers

However these rumors were laid to rest with a series of 9 tweets from Marcus Ash Group Program Manager for Cortana at Microsoft; it became clear that Cortana will be rolled out only for Windows devices starting with UK, China & Canada

It’s really exciting to see Microsoft moving fast to rolling out Cortana to other countries.

The Canada localized version for Windows 8.1 will also be ushered in August, as per Janet Kennedy, President of Microsoft Canada. Cortana was demoed at a recent telecom conference. The customers can now expect to lay their hands on this new “star feature” of Windows Phone.


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