Android TV at I/O

Google announces Android TV


Google’s earlier ventures with television were a massive fail and Google is looking to change that. Earlier this year, The Verge had leaked screenshots of Android TV, which is a version of Android optimized for your television.

Guess what? Those leaks were true, as Google has announced Android TV and it does look suspiciously alike to the leaks.

It follows the same model as its mobile counterpart: It is an Operating System that will be distributed on third-party hardware. What’s interesting is that developers will be using the same tools for developing for Android TV that they use to develop for Android.

Obviously it will play Movies, TV Shows and other media. IYou can also view Live TV. It supports the Chromecast, which is a small $35 device for “Casting” content.

It has a simple  card-driven interface. Recommendations also come in the form of cards. These cards represent your content and are divided into categories such as say “Movies”.

AndroidTV: Google's Bajillionth Attempt to Take Over Your Living Room

There is an emphasis on voice, which taps into Google’s vast repository of knowledge to answer your queries. You may, for example ask for the list of actors in a movie and you will get it.

The App Store is optimized for large displays, thankfully.

googleio 2014 930 730x486 Google announces Android TV to bring voice input, user experience and content to the living room

Android TV can be controlled by the provided remote, voice, smartphones, tablets and also by an Android Wear smartwatch. Isn’t it convenient (and cramped) to have a remote on your wrist?

Android TV isn’t just for set-top boxes. Gaming Consoles, Streaming Devices ,TVs and more can jump on the bandwagon. We already have a Android TV gaming console from Razer. Some TVs from Sony and Sharp are coming with Android TV loaded later this year.

Google’s earlier Google TV was a failure. Android TV tries for less, aims for simplicity, looks good, is functional and has more variety when it comes to products, so there is the possibility of Google to succeed in this front.


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