Oculus Rift

Oculus buys Carbon, a firm that designed the Xbox 360 Controller


Virtual Reality is coming and the Oculus Rift is leading the charge. With great developer support, great demos, great hardware and of course, lots of hype, the Oculus Rift is a great device.

But when you look at rivals like Sony’s Project Morpheus, the Oculus Rift’s design looks ancient in comparison and Oculus is looking to change that, to make the Oculus Rift a better looking and a more comfortable device.

Which is why Oculus has acquired Seattle’s Carbon Design, which is the 20 year firm that designed the legendary Xbox 360 Controller, which was praised by gamers for its slick looks and comfortable design. This is also the firm designing the original Kinect, so you know that the Oculus Rift is going to look a heckuva lot better.

“A few seconds with the latest Oculus prototypes and you know that virtual reality is for real this time. From a design and engineering perspective, building the products that finally deliver consumer virtual reality is one of the most interesting and challenging problem sets ever

This is an entirely open product category. With consumer VR at its inception, the physical architectures are still unknown — We’re on the cutting edge of defining how virtual reality looks, feels, and functions.

We’re incredibly excited to be part of the team and we’re looking forward to helping design the future”, says Peter Bristol, the Creative Director at Creative Design.

The kicker? Oculus says it has already been working with Carbon Design on multiple unannounced project for one year.

While Oculus has almost perfected stuff like head-tracking, visuals and other stuff, the most important thing for the Oculus Rift is to look good and be comfortable. You wouldn’t be wearing an ugly, uncomfortable gear on top of your head for hours on end, right?





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