Pebble partners with Misfit for an App that greatly enhances the Pebble’s Fitness Abilities


The Pebble is a successful Kickstarter funded project and is the one that kickstarted the Smartwatch Revolution. It’s simplicity combined with its long battery life and App Store contributed towards its success.

Pebble has announced a partnership with Misfit, the makers of a fitness tracker to make an app for the Pebble that using proprietary algorithms can track your steps, distance travelled, calories burned and more accurately.

While there are lots of fitness apps in the market, most of them are unreliable and inferior. Also, this is the first that is backed by Pebble, so it has potential to be good.

Coming to think of it, the Pebble would make a pretty good fitness tracker: It has a sturdy design, the necessary sensors and it is also waterproof.


For now, you have to keep the companion Misfit app on your smartphone (iOS / Android) open for your Pebble to start counting. While this is a bit of a hindrance, Misfit reckons that it will be able to fix this later.

Pebble also says that this is just the first step in their partnership with Misfit: That there are more surprises down the road.

This is really exciting and the news comes before Google I/O, where Google is expected to showcase some of its own Pebble Competitors, running Android Wear.


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