Will Android for Work by Google be its trump card to snatch business users from Apple & Blackberry

We all know that Blackberry Phones are regarded as the safest for Business and Enterprise users due its robust and reliable security infrastructure. Of late Apple’s enterprise-oriented offerings have helped it to overtake Blackberry in the enterprise mobility race with an enmeshed and secure framework which is considered Safe to Operate from a Corporate Information Security standpoint.

Though Google’s Android is a leader in smartphone sales globally, it has fallen out of favor on the Enterprise front. For example in the case of Tablet use within the enterprise, a whopping 91.4% of users preferred the Apple iOS platform & only 8.6% preferred Android (last Quarter data of 2013-United States)

In a move to make Android more Enterprise friendly and beef up its Security, Google has launched the “Android for Work” initiative at the annual I/O Developer Conference by Sundar Pichai, Head of Android, Chrome and Apps at Google

On the same device we will be able to store both the business as well as personal data but separated from each other at the OS level. Additionally you can maintain multiple instances of the same app: One for Business and One for Personal.

Samsung’s Knox will be the technology enabler for this initiative from a security and enterprise standpoint.

This will kick-start with the Android L version.  All the major smartphone manufacturers including Samsung, HTC, Sony, Lenova, Dell & HP are lapping up this stellar strategy.

This is going to create a major fillip to the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policy that is fast catching up in the Corporate world!

Source: Google & Good Technology Mobility Index


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