Walmart is cutting the iPhone 5c’s price to $29 and the iPhone 5s’s price to $99

Walmart is known for offering devices on the cheap and if you are on the look out for an iPhone, today is your lucky day.

While outside of Walmart you would have to cough up $199 for an iPhone 5s with a two-year contract, inside Walmart, it is just $149 for a 5s with a two-year contract.

And guess what? Walmart is cutting the 5s’ price down further, to $99, a full $50 off the original price. You are getting it at 33% off, essentially (Just rubbing in the fact).

The price cut applies to the 5c too, with it now being offered at $29, down from $49. Both of these price-cuts are for the 16GB model, but word is that this applies to the 32GB models too.

And no, this is not a one-time promotion. It’s the real deal: Permanent.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab an iPhone!


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