LG is making a Google Project Tango Device; And it is coming by 2015


Surely you have heard of Project Tango? The vision for a device that can look and have knowledge of its continuously changing surroundings just like humans do. Project Tango devices use a combination of sensors (IR, Gyroscope, etc) and multiple cameras to determine their position on a 3-Dimensional plane and be aware of their surroundings.

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After much rumors, Google had earlier announced the beefy Project Tango Tablet. What wasn’t announced was a release-date.

While we are done waiting for Google Glass to release, it has been announced that Project Tango Devices are going to be on the shelf by 2015, due to LG agreeing to make them.

LG already makes the search-giant’s (Is it really just that, anymore?) Nexus Phones, so it would make a pretty good partnership. What exactly the device would be? A smartphone or a Tablet?

That information still hasn’t been disclosed. We are thinking that the possibilities of a phone are more likely, because for a start the Project Tango concept is much more useful and practical on a phone, as a phone is a more portable device and more suited for such purposes. Also, LG has got more experience in making phones for Google.

Exact specifications also are not known at this point of time. It’s exciting to see such an innovative concept hitting the shelves so fast, compared to Google’s other projects (We are looking at you Google Glass). While it still hasn’t been worked out what sort of Apps will effectively use Project Tango’s capabilities, some interesting ideas have been floating around: Helping the Blind, Indoor Mapping and even Gaming.


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