Android Wear just got a lot more addictive with its first game: Flappy Bird

The sensational and frustrating, simple yet addictive bird-flapping phenomenon. Yes, we are talking about Flappy Bird and it has come to Android Wear unofficially.

It is called “Flopsy Droid“.

It is Android Wear’s first game and what better than a simple one-button game to make use of the limited resources at hand (Especially those small screens).

It can be launched by saying “OK Google, Launch Flopsy Droid”. It is still an experimental application.

Oh, and there is one tiny change from the original Flappy Bird: Instead of a flapping bird, it instead has the Android Mascot flapping around.

For the geeks out there, the source code of the game has thankfully been made open for anyone to see on Github by Flopsy Droid’s creator, Sebastian Mauer.

Developers are up for a whole new challenge: Developing Apps for Wearables.

While developing for smartphones and tablets is (relatively) easier due to the generous screen sizes, when it comes to your wrist, you don’t have that much screen space to play around with. That means some clever thinking on your part to integrate all the interface elements in a way that is seamless and doesn’t feel cramped.

It is only for Android Wear devices. Currently, the LG Watch and the Galaxy Gear Live are the only devices running Android Wear in the market. The Moto 360, a gorgeous smartwatch running Android Wear will release later this Summer.



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