The final Halo 3 Easter Egg has finally been found, after Seven Years

The studio behind Halo, Bungie had once taunted us, revealing that one final easter egg was still left in Halo 3, untouched and undiscovered. Many had tried to uncover the last piece of the puzzle, but none succeeded. Till now, that is.

Seven years after the release of Halo 3, YouTuber “Lord Zedd” has finally uncovered the last Easter Egg.

All you have to do is the change your Date to 25th December (Christmas), press both thumbsticks down on the loading screen and lo and behold, you see more of the Halo Ring, along with a line of text that says “Happy Birthday Lauren.”.

As mentioned above, it was discovered by “Lord Zedd”, an avid Halo modder.

Easter Eggs are certain secrets hidden within a game, and are not usually accessible. But due to modders continuously finding ways of unlocking these Easter Eggs, soon they are out in the open. These Easter Eggs may be as insignificant as a cutscene, or as big as an entire new level.



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