With MindRDR, you can now control Glass with your Mind


Google Glass already has got more than its fair share of privacy concerns, and now it is about to get a lot more creepier (And possibly Cooler).

MindRDR is an App  made by “This Place”, and it combined with  a Neurosky EEG Sensor will allow you to control Glass just by thinking.

Basically, a device is worn on your head, along with Glass, to monitor the electrical activity (EEG) going on in your Brain. Using advanced algorithms, the MindRDR App is able to roughly make out what you are thinking and carries out your bidding.

As it only monitors your electrical activity in your brains, it can’t read your thoughts. Also currently, it can’t actually know what you are thinking. It just reads your concentration levels.




1 You think like a fish. Your attention appears to be limited to a very small timeframe and you may even forget why you are reading this now.
2 These are your eyes. They tend to move quickly from one thing to another. Focus and concentration are not really your core skills. Stop looking up and finish reading this.
3 You are quite alert and able to focus on anything you put your mind to. You could probably focus and show attention to at least 30 seconds of daytime TV (on a good day).
4 Not suggesting there is anything abnormal, but you have very strong attention skills, you are pretty intense even with the most mundane tasks.
5 Hi! Hallo? Hola? erm… you are not normal in a … you know.. human way. You could be Extra Terrestrial. Your mind is off the scale when it comes to attention. You are blessed with the ability of laser beam focus – enjoy.

It also tracks you concentration levels to later tell you how you performed during a session.




1 Something MAY be interfering with your transcendental tendencies. Meditation is not your forte. Relax. Have some herbal tea. Stop partying so much?
2 Wake up, you clearly have some good meditative abilities. However, passing out is not really the same as meditation, you do need to be conscious. Try smelling ammonia or some salts and let’s start again. Try sleeping at night not during activities.
3 Looks like you know how to meditate. Good balanced approach, calm heart rate and focused energy. Occasionally this reading gets confused with laziness and apathy, we’re not 100% sure in this case, have you even bothered to read this?
4 Wow man! You have some far out meditation skills. You are at one with your natural surroundings – so organic it’s unreal. You are like a.. er…a mushroom.
5 Dude …are you still there? Seems like you have been meditating for eternity. You are so off the scale. No living person comes close to this level of serenity, peace and oneness with themselves. Dude? Say something?

It is being hosted on Github, so anyone can see, modify and tinker with its code.

Of course, the product still isn’t perfect, as it is a first-gen product.  RIght now, it’s uses are not that complex, but nevertheless feel futuristic.

For example: If you concentrate really hard, you can take a picture. You can do other stuff too (Such as Sharing that picture), but we reckon that MindRDR’s algorithms will develop and will increase in accuracy and complexity over time.

Controlling with a touchpad on the side of your head is very inconvenient. Granted, Voice Control improves upon it, but controlling by thinking is definitely much better and more suited for Glass. Oh, and it is pretty damn Futuristic.



What are your Thoughts? Speak your Mind!

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