Samsung rebrands its App Store as Galaxy Apps: More Exclusives

Samsung is rebranding the “Samsung Apps” Store to the “Galaxy Apps” store. This App Store is separate from Google Play and is exclusive to Samsung Galaxy devices.

It hasn’t gained much traction, as there is not much of an incentive to use it: Why use a smaller App Store, when you have a bigger App Store that is also backed by a bigger company?

It isn’t just the name that has been changed: Galaxy Apps itself has been revamped. Samsung is gunning for more exclusive apps (Hundreds of them, if Samsung is to be believed).

The User Interface too gets the redesign. You can go to the Version Menu and update right away, or wait for it to automatically update.

The Need to be Different

As Android becomes even more popular, the ecosystem of devices gets crowded and it becomes difficult to differentiate. While OEMs tackle this by customizing the UI and adding some extra features (Or Gimmicks), Samsung has gone the next level, with it’s own UI, Apps and an App Store as alternatives for Android’s default offerings.

Google vs Samsung

Google doesn’t want any manufacturer to go overboard with the customizability. and Samsung doesn’t want anyone restraining it, holding it back. This has lead to a bit of a faceoff between the two. Samsung already has its own signature looks, its own alternative Apps and its own App Store. Oh, and it also has Tizen (Which on Samsung’s devices looks exactly like Samsung’s Android), an alternative OS.

It doesn’t take a genius to put all of this together and conclude that Samsung is preparing (Or is thinking of) jumping ship from Android and moving over to Tizen. But it won’t do so now. Here’s why.


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