The Acer C720 Chromebook brings Chromebooks to the land of Intel

Acer has announced the C720: A Chromebook which is the first one (Barring the Chromebook Pixel) to pack in a full-blown Intel Processor. It is an i3 Variant and is clocked at 1.7Ghz.

This processor is the real-deal, and is much, MUCH more powerful than the measly ARM Processors found in other Chromebooks (Again, with the exception of the Chromebook Pixel). You see: ARM Processors are usually used in Smartphones and Tablets, and they consume power really efficiently.

But they are also much less powerful, and while they may work excellently for basic tasks (Like Web-Browsing), they buckle down under heavy load. This is where Intel steps in, with its Desktop processors that are the real-deal. They consume power, but they also perform.

Combined with the Intel i3 Processor, is (upto) 4GB of RAM and 32GB Internal Memory. It has a 11.6 Inch Display (1366×768 Pixel Resolution).

On the Software Side, don’t expect to find Windows, or even Linux (In the Traditional Way). It runs ChromeOS, a modified Linux variant built around the Web Browser.

If you spend most of your time on the Web, then ChromeOS is perfect. But if you are in the Graphic Design business (Or any other) and/or are dependent on proprietary programs, then ChromeOS just won’t work for you.

The upside of ChromeOS is low resource use (And therefore better performance), and better Battery-Life.

Acer claims that with normal-usage, it will last 8.5 Hours.

Amazon has it on pre-order, with $350 for the 2GB RAM Model and $380 for the 4GB RAM Model. It will be hitting store shelves later this month.

As the Chromebook Pixel is out of reach for most, this is the first ‘cheap’ Chromebook packing an Intel Processor, so this is a pretty big deal.


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