Fox offered to buy TIme Warner for a whopping 80 Billion Dollars

As we settle through the influx of major tech acquisitions (Comcast-Time Warner Cable, Facebook-Whatsapp), another one was about to completely shake up the field, but thankfully it didn’t happen.

Fox offered to buy Time Warner, for a whopping 80bn Dollars, which is a lot of money exchanging hands. it was to be offered partly as stock and the rest to be offered as Bigger than even the worth of entire countries.

Thankfully,. it didn’t happen as Time Warner refused. Both Fox and Time Warner have confirmed the news, with the main reasons for the deal not going through being different goals and interests.

But if the deal had gone through, then we would have a mammoth company owning the best TV Channels (HBO, anyone?) bringing in an annual revenue of $65bn Dollars. Creepy, ain’t it?




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