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Everything we Know about the iPhone 6

In the months leading up to the launch of the iPhone, we see a magnitude of rumors, and this year didn’t disappoint. The iPhone 6 is (arguably) the most rumored device of 2014 (And possibly of all time), and there is good reason for that.

You see, the iPhone 6 doesn’t have a “S” Suffix, meaning it would be a huge announcement. Apple, like Intel follows the “Tick-Tock” release Cycle, with a Minor Update situated between two Major Updates.

For example: The iPhone 4 completely changed the design of the iPhone, while the iPhone 5 increased the size of the iPhone’s screen for the first time. On the other hand, the “S” Variants were relatively minor in magnitude.

So you see why the iPhone 6 is a highly anticipated device. Even though some may argue that Apple has lost its innovative sheen, one cannot deny that everyone (Including Rival Manufacturers) is looking towards what Apple will bring to the Table.

So without further ado, let us get on with it and round-up everything we know about the iPhone.

The iPhone 6’s Screen

There used to be a time when the iPhone’s screen was considered Big. Alas, in a world where 6 Inch Mammoths are considered Phones, the iPhone is just a tiny device.

With the growing need for bigger devices, it seems that Apple will finally succumb to the situation and will release a device with a 4.7 Inch Screen.

iPhone 6 Concept
Is this the next iPhone?

There are also rumors of a “Pro” version of the iPhone having a 5.5 inch screen. This would be similar to how Apple sells the iPad: A Smaller “Mini” version and a Bigger Variant, but both will have similar internals.

There used to be a time when the iPhone sported the sharpest screen, but those days are long-gone, with devices having much higher resolutions (And pixel densities, with some offering >400 and even >500 ppi, as opposed to the iPhone’s 326 ppi).

The iPhone 6 will reportedly fix that, with a 1740×960 px resolution.

Rumors also point to the iPhone having Sapphire Glass, as opposed to Gorilla Glass used on devices today. Sapphire Glass is extremely strong, the second-strongest material in the world, in fact. But producing it is extremely difficult and expensive. Cutting it is difficult,  and  it has to go through extensive treatment to make it transparent.

But if Apple manages to put in Sapphire Glass, while not increasing  the Price (Or having a negligible Increase in price), then it would no doubt have something unique. Of course, certain Luxury devices (Especially those from Vertu), do have Sapphire Glass, but their Price Tags pull them away from the reach of us mere mortals.


iPhone 6 Concept
iPhone 6 Concept

The iPhone is rumored to have a much sleeker design with a bezel-free screen, enabling the use of a larger screen in a smaller body.

There is also a rumors of the iPhone 6 having Dynamic Haptic Feedback Technology.



The iPhone 6 is rumored to have a 13MP Sony  IMX220 1/2.3″ Exmor  Sensor, as opposed to the 8MP 1/3.2″ sensor that is being offered on the 5s.

Other rumors say that Apple will retain the 8MP Sensor of the 5s, but with certain improvements (Such as Optical Image Stabilization).

The Front-Camera too is rumored to receive a boost in quality.


This is one section that we have no doubt about: The iPhone 6 will ship running Apple’s latest and greatest, iOS 8, which brings battery improvements, performance improvements and many new features (Such as Widgets and Extensions).

The Internals

iPhone 6 Apple A8

The iPhone 6 will sport a 2Ghz A8 Processor, combined with more than 1GB of RAM (For the first time). The Processor will reportedly be 20nm, improving battery efficiency.

The 5s offers a 1.2Ghz A7 Processor combined with 1GB of RAM.

NFC (Near-Field Communication) will come built-in. The iPhone is a bit late to the party, with Android Devices offering it from 2011.

Apple will also finally offer a 128GB Variant of the iPhone, starting with the iPhone 6.


It seems the iPhone 6 will offer a bigger battery Backup (Or the same with better Battery Technology). It may have a battery with a size between 1800mAh and 1900mAh, as opposed to the 1560mAh Battery offered today.

A larger battery is required to counter the extra battery drain occurring from the larger (And more Higher-Res) screen.

There also is a minute chance of the iPhone having Wireless Charging Tech built-in (Something present is several phones, such as the Nexus 5 and the Galaxy S5).


This may improve the Battery Life by leaps and bounds.

Release Date

As usual, the iPhone 6 will be released at its own separate event. Some say that the iPhone 6 will launch in two variants simultaneously, while others say that the iPhone 6 will launch the two variants separately.

Rumors indicate that Apple will put the iPhone 6 into Production soon. Apple will reportedly hire 100,000 Workers for the Production of the iPhone 6 (To keep up with the Demand).



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