Ritot Smartwatch

The Ritot: A Futuristic Smartwatch Concept where Notifications are Projected on your Hand

Smarwatches have grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years. The Internals and thw Features have matured enough, but there is still one thing that hasn’t been fixed: Design. Most Smartwatches look like something a dork would wear, and those that look good too are really big.

The solution? Let there be no Smartwatch. Let your Hand be the Device. At least that is what Ritot, a Smartwatch Concept is trying to achieve.

It basically is a compact Band which projects the Time and Notifications such as Missed Calls, Messages, etc through a pico-projector. It is claimed that the Projection Tech is such that it is easily visible both in Day and Night. It is waterproof too.

RItot Wireless Charger
RItot Wireless Charger


Notifications can be dismissed simply by shaking the hand. It is juiced up through a Wireless Charger, through which you can also set the color of the Projector (From 20 Colors).

It is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone Devices (Sorry Blackberry).

It is obtaining funding through Indiegogo, a crowd-funding site. It has far-surpassed its Funding Goal, smashing through its $50,000 Goal and has reached its goal six times and then some more. It currently stands at $396,175.

It will come in a Unisex Aluminium Bracelet, and a Sports Variant. You can get it in four-sizes and four-colors: white, black, brown-gold and black-gold.

Indiegogo Backers get one for $120. Shipping is expected to start from 2015, but an exact time period is not confirmed.

It is an intriguing take on the concept of a Smartwatch. It seems to be in great demand, from the success it has enjoyed on Indiegogo.

The iWatch is just around the corner, according to the rumors, so it would be wise to wait for it. Even if you are not tied in to the iOS Ecosystem,the iWatch certainly will influence other Wearables/


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