Xiaomi Mi4 Images

The Xiaomi Mi 4: An iPhone Lookalike that Packs a Punch, on the Cheap

Although the name “Xiaomi” may not be well-known in Western Countries, in Asian Countries like China, Xiaomi is a household name. It launches premium products at not-so-premium price points, which is something that has helped drive its popularity.

Xiaomi has launched a new phone called the Mi 4, which has a design that is strangely similar to the iPhone. You may even mistake it for one. Though the Design is lifted, it is aesthetically pleasing, and does not look at all like a low-end or mid-range Phone.

Xiaomi Mi 4 Backplates Images

The back-plate is made out of Plastic and is removable. You may even have a Wooden Backplate, among others. Metal is used in the rest of the body construction.

The Mi 4 doesn’t compromise on specs and delivers top-notch specs despite its low price: A 2.5 Ghz Snapdragon 801 Processor, 3GB  of RAM, a 5 Inch 1080p Screen and upto 64GB of Internal Storage.

The Back Camera is a 13MP f/1.8 Shooter, but what is interesting is the Front Camera: Instead of having a paltry barely passable front-camera, the Mi 4 has a 8MP Camera to make those selfies come out real-good.

Even if you are only posting your selfies to Instagram or Facebook (Which downgrade the resolution of the photos), the 8MP Front Camera will prove its worth.

Then there is 4G LTE, WiFi ac, a IR Transmitter and Bluetooth 4.0. Powering it all is a 3080mAh Battery, which is probably enough for lasting a day on average use.

It will be available for pre-order in China from July 29th, with details on Global Availability not yet revealed.

You may be expecting a huge price-tag for the specs this device offers, but the Mi 4, like phones from other Chinese Manufacturers, is being offered on the cheap: CN¥1,999 ($320 ) for the 16GB variant and CN¥2,499 ($400) for the 64GB Variant (Prices Off-Contract). Pop in an additional $16, and you get insurance for liquid damage and screen damage.

These prices are easily a couple hundred dollars lesser than what a similar phone is usually sold for. If you don’t care about the Brand, then this phone is a real steel. A competitor in the same price segment is the OnePlus One, which is actually cheaper (Starting from $299) for pretty much the same specifications.




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